7 Most Beautiful Fish in the World

Fish are animals that live in freshwater and seawater in many species of fish in the world is now here are 7 Most Beautiful Fish in the world want to know any kind of fish that see below.

1. Mandarin Fish

See this fish is not really pretty colors there are two varieties of this species, which is standard and the Psychedelic Mandarin Mandarinfish. but who has the best color is setandar varieties of fish prices in the sale were not so expensive only about $ 20 per head, but the issue of this fish is difficult to find food.

2. Discus

This fish is a freshwater fish species may be one of the most beautiful freshwater fish ever sold at very expensive for her son alone About a 3-inch size sell for $ 50 – $ 80.

3. Lion Fish

This fish is a beautiful addition to the color but the shape is very scary and dangerous poison is very painful and quite effective enemy wounded fish is also commonly called Zebrafish.

4. Moorish Idol

This fish habitat in the ocean, these fish are also very expensive at the price of this fish can not live if kept in the standard aquarium.

5. Koi

Koi fish is a fish supposed to bring good luck for the keepers, there are more than 100 variants of the color of the koi fish koi collectors were willing to pay thousands of dollars just to hunt down that rare koi color pattern.

6. Flame Angel

This fish has a close relationship with the Coral Beauty. Its just like Coral Beauty, but its character is not ‘a firm’ Coral Beauty.

7. Coral Beauty

This fish is not difficult to maintain and can live well in the habitat.


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